The Practical Mystic Show - with Janine Bolon

The Practical Mystic Ep0010 - Brenda Hardwick -(Janine Bolon)

November 13, 2020

veryone has a light to shine! Brenda Hardwick is a Healer/Author who is a Teacher & Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom. She is also studied and certified in several healing modalities including a Master of Shamanic Reiki. Brenda engages your Angels to bring you their messages, answer your questions. She is attuned to the Seraphim energy, the High Angels, and channels their energy to facilitate the healing of mind, body, and soul. Brenda also uses laughter as medicine and provides health coaching so that clients can receive a well-rounded approach to finding their light and shining their health. An author, Brenda has two published titles: “Laughing Your Life Healthy”-a self-help health book, and “Harlem Angel: Book 1 of The Circle”, a Paranormal Fantasy. She has 3 works in progress, Laughing At Your Food, the sequel to LYLH, The Conductor-sequel to Harlem Angel, and a new title “Allowing the Magic and Miracles”-a spiritual guidebook.

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