The Practical Mystic Show - with Janine Bolon

The Practical Mystic Ep0013 - Mary Ann Johnson -(Janine Bolon)

December 4, 2020
Mary Ann Johnson is the mother of seven children. She has been happily married for forty-eight years and is known as an expert in family connection. She is the author of Becoming a Present Parent, in which she writes about how parents and children can connect and have better personal management skills.
Mary Ann begins by expressing the power of consistency. She believes that when we are consistent, there’s a blessing that comes with it. Somebody upstairs realizes that you really want to achieve something, and they use their power to help you get there.
Without learning how to be consistent, you will struggle in your goals. When you can manage yourself, you’ve won the hardest battle.
Mary Ann Johnson is the mother of seven children and has been happily married for 46 years and blessed with 13 grandchildren and is a family connection expert.
Her book, Becoming a Present Parent, focuses on what she knows and does best – helping children and parents connect by helping parents develop better personal management skills. You can get a FREE chapter of her new book at
Her websites, and are online communities reaching thousands of people. She created Family Connection Mentoring and is well known in the homeschool community as The Home School Coach.

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