The Practical Mystic Show - with Janine Bolon

The Practical Mystic Ep0022 - The Flow of Money (Step 8) -(Janine Bolon)

February 5, 2021

Money is not linear. It moves in a huge circle through our lives and if you're able to direct your dollars into the three areas it needs to keep regenerating, you'll keep your cash flow increasing. 

The flow of money is split into three large sections that move around our lives in a curved path:

    The Living Arm of money is the path most of us know about intimately. It is where all the expenses are located and it usually take up 110% of our income. Yep, we spend beyond our means in this category.

    The Saving Arm of money is the least known path for Americans. We really stink at saving money. The Chinese and Japanese so have us beat in this area. Of our entire US population only 2-3% saves money. Yikes!

    The Giving Arm of money is actually well done by Americans. We are a very giving country, but the reason we don't benefit like we could by this movement of money is due to our inconsistency of giving. We donate here, there and everywhere, but in a very sporadic way. This doesn't help keep the flow of money going. Consistency is the key here.

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